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SERPENTINE (Andy Page) - RESIDUE - 31.03.14

Gotti Sigurdarson

I met Dokkemand (Marius Grøtterud Egenes) on myspace (before facebook existed) and I really liked his music. We became friends and kept in touch and when I had done Melankton I asked him to do a remix, he picked this song. We finished the mix in his bedsit studio in Oslo on a dark winter night. I think his approach and feel is wonderful. Then I had my friend Andy Page program a special ending for the song for live performances and I think it is so cool I edited it into Dokkemand's remix for all to hear.


Gotti Sigurdarson

Trollmor’s Vuggesang is a famous lullaby written by Swedish writer Margit Holmberg.

My mother used to sing this for me when I was a child, and I used to sing it for my little brother. I have always loved it and wanted to make a fairytale sounding version of the song.

When I initially recorded this song it was suppose to be the opening track on Melankton, but I thought since Melankton was my debut album it was a bit risky to open with a new version of a famous Scandinavian lullaby that people were attached to.

I recorded the strings with Bratislava Symphony Orchestra along with all the Melankton tracks.